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tv   24 7 Pacquiao Bradley  CNN  June 3, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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they will become the king and queen of england. -- captions by vitac --
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[ male announcer ] when diarrhea hits, kaopectate stops it fast. powerful liquid relief speeds to the source. fast. [ male announcer ] stop the uh-oh fast with kaopectate. >> star and stop traffic in hollywood is only a perturbing as the driver permits to be and in training, manny pacquiao is unperturbed. >> i like los angeles. it's like me second home. it's fun to reunite the team and train hard to win the fight. >> in preparing for tim bradley pack yoo has followed the same schedule as his last several bouts, starting training camp in
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the fill pee that restore the town before relocating with the team here in california in the first week of man. >> pacquiao's great. we had three weeks of good work. we were conditioning first and then we started sparring a bit later on. but the hard work that we're doing now is the important work, getting close to the fight. >> pacquiao's inner circle in the gym is familiar. led by freddie roach, assistant boo boy fernandez and his strength and conditioning coach alex ariza but a measure of tension developed between roach and ariza, following his early return to the u.s. to work with another fighter, chavez, jr. >> well, you know, the thing is, i had pacquiao and top fighters, and i wanted to work with chavez, jr., i told him, i think
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it's a bad move. people make decisions and i think it was the wrong one but he's a grown man and he'll have to live with his decision, not me. >> when i spoke to manny and we had our conversation, he just said, you're only going to be gone really a couple of weeks. it's not like i left in the heart of training or two weeks before or i left for a whole camp. so, he just gave me the green light and said go help him. i'll see new l.a., it's okay.
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♪ jesus is just all right oh yeah ♪ ♪ jesus is just all right with me ♪ ♪ jesus is just all right >> i feel so happy and more than anything else, i'm so happy because i have eternal life. i'm walking with eternal life.
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any time, if i die, i know where i'm going. ♪ jesus is just all right with me ♪ ♪ jesus is just all right oh yeah ♪ >> i following the instruction, obey the commandments of god and i know god is in me and when i die i have eternal life. >> the fighter has explained his religious awakening is rooted in an internal hollowness. >> he definitely talked to me about those vices, talked about gambling and drinking, smoking, partying, you know. he basically says you know, what i've got fame, i've got wealth but i'm empty. and i find myself empty. i find myself with no peace. >> pacquiao is staying here at his apartment until his wife arrives in the philippines.
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no matter where he is the evening routine is centered around regular bible studies. >> tonight manny will lead bible study for us tonight. ♪ >> even as a recent controversy flared over the boxer's beliefs, the essence of his transformation is sendai to day and felt by everyone around him. >> i hate that old manny. because if you are in christ, you are a new creation. the old has gone and the new has
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6:45 a.m. for the bradley family. >> get you some breakfast. get something. >> this is why bradley holds his camp at home, so he can be a father, too. by 7:20, he's dressed and out the door to take his stepson, robert, to school. >> all right, kid. let's roll. i just don't change my life. i work my schedule around my family, you know, the kids at school while i'm training. i'll check you later, all right, man. have a good day. have a good day at your pops. be good. >> bradley returns home just in time to see stepdaughter alicia before she heads off to school with her mom. >> see you friday. all right, baby. be good. do good in school.
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>> which leaves the boxer a solid hour of one on one time with his baby girl. >> she likes do whatever she wants do. for the most part she's pretty easy. you let her play around. watch her make sure she doesn't fall on her head. kids. she got a bradley head i'm not too worried too much about her head. you know what i'm saying? he got a hard head. but she is a sweetheart. >> it's good, huh? >> the breakfast special this morning, homemade smoothies. >> it look nasty but hey, my daughter loves it, it got to be good. ah! it's good, huh? >> he relishes these moments at home but important obligations are to be tended to at the gym. >> that's what i want. ♪
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the training session lasts just over three hours. afterwards comes a quick meal and a nap and then an eight-mile run at dusk flanked by his brother-in-law and a few neighbors on wheels. >> i love all of the people here. everybody in the neighborhood, everybody in the valley. they love what i do. you know, i work hard. that's right, baby, yeah! hometown support, baby. hear that? they believe in me, baby. they are going to get it done. want me to get it done, i have to get it done. i got to get it done. got to win. >> he began the day as a father, quietly reaffirming his commitment to his family. he ends the night as a boxer, loudly proclaiming his conviction for fight night. >> i'm the best.
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i'm the best. you got to prove to me you're better than me. you got to prove to me that you're better than me. prove to me. we'll see june 9 who the best in the world is. you better be ready, boy. >> every fighter creates his own soundtrack in the boxing gym. manny pacquiao enhances his with rhythmic battle cries. still, with so much attention paid recently to his religious awakening, it would be natural to wonder if he's still willing to wage war in the ring. the fighter dismisses the notion wholeheartedly. >> this is the plan that god, he made me like this, this is my job and i have to perform and to make people happy. >> he's developing a love for
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people, so far him to punch you out on this, there is that conflict within. but we're in game. this is a sport. so, we play according to the rules. so, personally i don't think there is anything wrong with it. i tell him go for it, if you can knock him out in the first round, knock him out, you know?
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the clouds are continuing accrue in his corner. following rumors that strength coach alex ariza has been fired by chavez, jr. ariza is staying silent on the issue but roach is not. >> one thing about alex, he's very good at what he does but just overdid it. great strength coach but wants to be a trainer and everything else. his head's gotten too big. need to calm him down a little bit.
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i think he's -- i don't appreciate that. might suggest to manny that we get rid of him or i get a new strength coach. >> while his corner men feud the boxer remains the portrait of a man at peace, the unlikely combination of faith and ferocity, steadying his focus. ♪ it would seem natural to assume a fighter's most critical assets are innate. but no one is born with belief. there are decisions every man makes for himself. what will govern his conduct?
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what will compel his choices? what he will live for. the spiritual and the beloved have come to define their belief. the sport of boxing has granted them a way to express it. >> 30 seconds, champ, let's go. ♪ >> what you gonna do? [ laughter ] ♪
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>> june 9, you taking manny down. ♪ pacquiao/bradley and don't miss the live fight saturday june 9 live on hbo pay-per-view.
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a boxing gym is typically no stranger to discord. an unexpected addition to pacquiao's camp is adding drama. coach based in the philippines. last week he stepped in for ariza when he left early. now he has summoned freddie roach to come to l.a. >> manny asked me to come help. the only thing i know is freddie needs me here at the wild card.
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>> for his part, the filipino considers himself just a complementary piece in camp. >> alex and i are very good friends. i learned that from alex. alex knows a lot about strength conditioning and i'm still learning. >> pacquiao has decided against parting ways with ariza, which means for the time being his two fitness coach les work side by side and his trainer will continue to vent. >> i said some things on "24/7" last night that he may not like. but i won't it let it affect my fighter and that's what's important here, the focus manny pacquiao. manny likes him, wants him on board and that's the way it is and that's the way we're going to leave it for now. >> ariza is refusing to talk about the situation. while on fight night roach plans
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to exercise his prerogative to quiet the strengthening coach even further. >> alex will be there until the fight. when we get to the fight, i put down my four corner men, he won't be on the list. >> back at the apartment complex that night, a much happier family enjoys a reunion. pacquiao's wife has just arrived to join her husband in l.a., along with their children manny, jr., michael, queen elizabeth and princess. >> daddy! daddy! >> cake! >> we're very happy that we're together here and we're going to watch the fight with manny and pray for him and the support is always there. >> what's the flavor? >> strawberry.
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>> strawberry. wow, you like strawberry? you like strawberry? >> he knows his family is longing for attention. it is very important to be together. >> how about coffee? from queeny? >> coffee. >> he's a good dad, good father. >> where's my coffee? thank you. >> he's a good partner, a good friend, my best friend, my king. he's the best, yeah. >> princess made this. >> bradley's approach to his training regimen is all encompasses.
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it applies not only to his workouts but also to every one of his meals. >> that black bean burger doesn't have any egg in it? >> actually started doing the diet four years ago when i fought against junior witter. i had a lot of energy during the fright, had a lot of energy during my training camp and i just kind of adopted it as far as training goes. >> so he is at least until june 9th a vegan, abstaining from all meat, fish and dairy products. he's a regular here at the palm green cafe where they've even named a smoothy over him. the impact of it all is felt by body and soul. >> i feel the difference going vegan, going green. i pretty much have energy all day, all night. and my night run, i mean, i'm up. i'm up during the nights, during the hours either studying film or up watching tv or just laying in the bed and just thinking about the fight.
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manny pacquiao starts his days by hitting the road. with his june 9th bout drawing ever closer, workouts like these in l.a. are at the fighter's core of the preparation, not to mention his confidence. >> i'll continue my heavy training last two weeks before
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we go to vegas. i'm in condition physical and of course more stronger in spirit as well and focus mentally. >> in the afternoon pacquiao returns to the wild card for a training session in the ring that focusses on his opponent's tendencies. what we're doing now is coming up with a better game plan than the other side. that's where the difference is.
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getting ready for the battle, being impressive and going out and knocking this guy out. >> after work is done it's time for a different sort of prefight ritual at the el captain theater on hollywood boulevard. before each of his appearances, pacquiao has made an appearance on "jimmy kimmel live." >> i started to worry about what happens if the show gets cancelled or if i'm on vacation the week before the fight. i'm superstitious about sports. i don't know if i'm a lucky rabbit's foot or just a rabbit. >> the staff knows to clear
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plenty of space by the dressing room when pacquiao comes by. >> we have the largest concentration of filipinos in the united states here at our show on the nights manny is here, something like 48% of all filipinos are here in the building, some in my office right now. >> please welcome the pride of the philippines manny pacquiao! >> manny's a character. he kind of does everything. you think you'd run out of things to talk about with him but every time he comes, he's got something new going on. >> i know you've made some big changes in your life recently. >> yes. >> you've given up drinking -- >> gambling. >> smoking. >> no, i didn't smoke. >> you didn't smoke. >> girls. >> girls? you've given up girls? what happened? why did this happen? >> because i'm reading the bible and i know -- i found out how to obey and follow the commandments
12:41 am
of god. >> wow, wow. is this photo from a church picnic or what is this here? what's going on there? manny has a big entourage. manny might have the biggest entourage of anyone we've had at the show. only maybe dr. phil would compare. do they now have to give up all that stuff, drinking and cock fighting and all that gambling, too? >> yes. >> oh, they do. they must hate the fact that you opened that bible. it's always great to see you. thank you for coming every time. manny pacquiao, everybody. >> early thursday morning in the valley, a few miles from the indio boys and girls club where he trains jim bradley, joe el diaz begins his day. >> the ranch is a get away place for me. it's the place where i come and
12:42 am
concentrate, focus. when i come to the ranch, i'm here by myself. that's what i like to do. it's my precious time. riding the horse, it relaxes you. when i get to the gym, i'm ready to start putting the plan together for the day. >> diaz spent most of his childhood on a farm like this in mexico where his grandparents lived before coming to california when he was 12. soon he discovered boxing, eventually turning pro and fighting his way to a title shot in 1996. >> i fought at 135 pounds. i was a lightweight. i was sparring guys 160, 170. one day in a sparring session, i was sparring a kid that was heavy and i remember that day he hit me hard but he hit me on top of the head. i got out of the gym this day and i'm walking home and i noticed something was wrong. i noticed my vision was getting
12:43 am
worse and worse but i never told anybody. and then here comes my world championship fight. i got the opportunity to fight for the world title in johannesburg, south africa. i lost the decision to phillip holliday. it was a very bad moment for me. coming back from africa i fought one more time but at the time i lost vision from my eye, from this eye, and i didn't tell anybody. but then i brought it up to my wife. and when i told my wife i couldn't see from my eye, right away we went to the doctor and right there and then the doctor told me you know what, your eye is damaged really bad. i think you as a boxer, your career is over. >> without boxing, diaz was lost and the further he got away from the ring, the more crippling his choices became. >> i didn't believe anything. i didn't care.
12:44 am
that's when my life made another turn. instead of doing positive things, i was doing negative thing, hanging around with a bad crowd, with the wrong people, just working as a bodyguard, i guess. people started calling, hey, i want you to come with me, i'll pay you just to be around because i could carry a gun and i wasn't afraid to use it. i wouldn't think about it twice. i didn't care about my life and i didn't care about nobody else's life. i was pushing it too hard. i was pushing it too hard to the point at which either i was going to kill somebody or somebody was going to kill me. >> eventually diaz found solace back in the gym, returning there to work as a trainer for his younger brothers, both pro fighters themselves. he says the turn around came after an impassioned plea from his mother. >> she told me, you know, life's not over. why don't you go to the gym and help the kids, help your brothers. they're still there.
12:45 am
maybe god has something else for you. maybe, you know, because of you, this injury that you got, he's probably giving you a hint, he's got something better for you out there. ever sense then my life changed. >> eight years ago diaz met a young boxer, bradley, trained by his father and looking for a replacement. and now the biggest tonight of either man's career. >> the one thing i do want to you have all the time is your hands up. if it's saturday, sunday, christmas, whatever day of the year, right here. especially on the exchanges. come on.
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two strikes, top of the ninth inning. the crowd is going crazy, mr. roach is up and strike two! >> there may be no one on the planet as deeply versed in the intricacies of boxing as freddie roach. baseball is a bit less familiar. this morning in the wild card
12:50 am
parking lot, the trainer has drafted a young friend to help him prepare for a new kind of honor, throwing out the first pitch at tonight's dodger's game. >> this is like one of the biggest things -- this is a big event for me. i'm going to be able to throw out the first pitch in front of a lot of people and stuff like this. they're going to be like who is this guy? i've never been on like a major league mound before. it going to be a little nervous but it going to be a little bit of fun. i'll have a big smile on my face if i throw a strike. >> good catching. >> thanks. >> see new a little while. >> it's been 17 years since roach first opened the doors of the wild card. as he approaches his 26th fight working the corner of his prized pupil, the trainer never for gets the impact manny pacquiao has had on his life. >> you know, i built this gym thinking you never know when the
12:51 am
next muhammad ali will walk through your door and all of a sudden manny pacquiao walks into my life. manny makes it all possible for sure. money obviously makes your life a little bit easier. most of the money i make comes from manny pacquiao, yeah. so manny pacquiao has changed a lot of things in my life and i can keep the gym at $5 a day and not worry about it. >> his fighter has undergone a recent religious transformation. for roach, though, spirituality and moral beliefs need no such formalization. >> i'm not a religious person. i believe if being a good person isn't a enough, go [ bleep ] themselves. i try to be a good person, try to make the right decisions in life, i try to respect everybody. you know, heaven and hell, i don't believe in it.
12:52 am
>> he is 52 years old now. symptoms of parkinson's disease long since established as an ever-present reminder of the ticking clock on his career. >> the tremors are getting a little worse. i shake a little bit more than i used to. i do think about it affecting my ability to train and i'm a realist. when i can't do the mitts anymore effectively, i'm going to -- i'm going to quit. and i told my mother, i said, hey, ma, do i still look pretty good up there or do i look like a charity case? she says, no, you can still catch. so i know my mother will be honest with me. she told me i'm getting fat last week so she's always tells me the truth. what would i do? like sleep in and be bored all day? it's like go to the beach and lay in the sun? who does that?
12:53 am
i mean, really, what would i do with myself? i mean, if i didn't have this gym, i have no clue like the gym i'd be lucky it has me but i'm lucky i have the gym. >> game time at chavez ravine is just past 7. when the guest arrives early, he gets an all-access pass. >> freddie roach, i love watching your work, man. >> one straight pitch pass over the plate. that's all i know about baseball. not a lot but it will be okay. >> announcer: freddie roach! let's hear it for freddie roach.
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>> for the past 20 years this is how tim bradley, sr., the man they call big ray, has begun his day, heading to his job as discipline security officer at cathedral city high school. >> i go to school first and then middle of the day i go to the gym, hole joel diaz train my son. then after that i go back and do what i do. >> for a monday who has long prided himself keeping his body in peak condition, working on wheels is a good fit. close to 3,000 students attend the school, all of them well acquainted with the figure on the mountain bike.
12:55 am
>> i watch the body language, watching their hand, watching what they nut their mouth, watching their eyes, see if their eyes are okay. there's a lot of stuff you got to watch. >> what's going on? >> what's going on? they're filming me watching you guys go to class so don't be late. >> i am. i'm going right now. bye-bye. >> i don't care what wrong you do but don't bull [ bleep ] me. you bull [ bleep ] me, you don't got a relationship. i'm going to drop the hammer on you. >> his hours permit him to be at the boys and girls club by 10:00al, still playing a role in the career he steered his decades towards decades ago. tim bradley, jr. has picked up himself father's confidence. >> i'm so confident. i train like no other. the fight is won in the gym.
12:56 am
>> june 9th, baby, you'll you got do is tune in, witness history, baby. >> that's right. some bow down to you. but that's the nature of boxing. you're going to shock the world, baby. time. you're going to shock the world. >> big ray is a constant presence at his son's side during training. >> there you go. >> just as he's been there every step of the boxer's career. the fighter takes none of it for granted. >> my dad's going to be here to support me. he always has been. he's not going to miss this. my dad was at every single fight of mine, you know. it's rarely that he miss an event, you know. just providing is not being a father. you got spend time with your kids. i appreciate all the time my father spent with me. >> there's no way to count how many times big ray has yelled at his son, harshly imploring him to find another level in training. but a few months ago when
12:57 am
bradley called to tell his father he was fighting manny pacquiao, the reaction surprised him. >> i said we got the fight. he said what fight? i said we got the pacquiao fight. for a second i was like what's going on, pops? i heard him crying in the background? i was like you crying? yeah, yeah, son. just tears of joy, just tears of joy. >> i said what? you know, the joy, it was just -- just overwhelmed. just thinking about it right now about to bring tears to my eyes. >> my dad doesn't cry. he's one of those tough guys, you know. he don't cry. he don't show a lot of emotions. >> it was just wonderful to hear that come from him knowing that, you know, all the things he been through, all the hard work, all the ins and out of the ring, you know.
12:58 am
it was just a blessing. ♪ >> strip away everything else and you'll discover the success of any fighter is rooted in the dedication of others. they nurture skill, yes, but also ignite the fire within. ♪ there's something in your heart and it's in your eyes ♪ it's fighter inside you, let it burn you, don't give up, it's fire inside you ♪ ♪ if i'm ever at the cross roads, start feeling mixed signals ♪ try to focus where the torch goes ♪ in this tradition
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of the legendary sports goals, lord knows i waited for this a lifetime ♪ signs bright like the champion, burn like a chariot ♪ learn how to carry it, always above and beyond average ♪ staying so closed, i'm supposed to reach for the sky ♪ never let somebody try to tell you otherwise ♪ ♪ there's something in your heart and it's in your eyes ♪ >> the fight is one week away. ♪ the fire inside you tune in next friday night, june 8th at midnight for the finale of "24/7 p


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